Sunday, 19 June 2016

myth writing

Fight of the mountains.

Long ago there was a mountain called Mt Tongariro and another smaller mountain called Mt Ruapehu, they both were fighting over a big piece of land to live, so one day they had a huge fight…
CRASH! BANG! Big boulders came exploding out of Mt Tongariro, but just as the mighty Tongariro crashed out boulders, Mt Ruapehu quickly said a karakia to Tumatauenga (god of war) to asked for some help to fight back against Mt Tongariro. Tumatauenga just said “share the piece of land, there's enough room for both of you” neither of them agreed with Tumatauenga so they just kept on fighting till they both erupted in anger.
In the end they both ended up in the same spot but day after day they grew their friendship after the big fight.

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