Sunday, 19 June 2016

Take a trip inside my mind

Take a trip inside my mind, it’s where I go when i’m stressed, happy, annoyed and sad.
At times my thoughts take me places that don’t exist, like on top of a cloud.
I have an older brother my mum and two cute cats.
Tigger (brown & white with a pink nose)
Alex (black with green eyes)

I dream of my friends and I having a full day of fun and laughter.
I wonder where I’ll travel when i'm older around the world or maybe even go to Antarctica.
My hope is having the opportunity to travel lots of different countries around the world.
I can often be reading books or playing with my two cats and my older brother at home.
When no one is watching I sometimes giggle by myself and  play around on my computer.
This year I would like to try help others with things they struggle with in class.

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